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Dermaviduals is a Corneotherapeutic skin-care range, made by German Chemist Hans Lautenshläger.  It is uniquely formulated without emulsifiers or preservatives and because of this stands apart from many other skin care ranges on the market today.  

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*Please note that Dermaviduals is currently not allowed to be sold online so I offer a mail order service.  If you require any products please contact me directly on:

or 07970 639551


Dermaviduals is: 

- Skin-similar in its formulation

- Highly tolerated by even the most sensitive skins

- Pharmaceutical Grade

- Supportive of the Skin Barrier

- Skin strengthening

Dermaviduals is free from:


- Emulsifiers 

- Preservatives

- Perfumes

- Mineral Oils

- Silicones

- Amines

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