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The Treatment:


Step 1: The skin is cleaned thoroughly, twice.

Step 2: A suitable active serum is applied to the skin to give optimum results and glide for the Dermapen™.

Step 3: The Dermapen™ is moved across the skin in several passes which allows penetration of the serum and causes micro traumas to the upper layers triggering a natural healing response. 

Step 4: Additional serum is applied to maximise penetration of active ingredients.

Step 5: Cooling Mask is applied to lock in serum and calm the skin post treatment.

Step 6: Dermalux LED Blue and Near Infrared light is used to calm and minimise down time.


Dermapen™ is fantastic for rough, uneven skin and open pores also excellent for general rejuvenation, collagen induction, skin tightening and evening out skin texture.


In addition it greatly improves the following specific concerns:


- Acne Scarring

- Fine Lines and Wrinkles

- Pigmentation / Uneven skintone

- Open Pores


The Device: Dermapen™ is a form of skin microneedling or collagen induction therapy.  It is a hand held device that has 12 needles set within a disposable cartridge which can be adjusted in length from 0.25mm - 1.5mm.  Depending on the severity of the concern with determine the depth of penetration required, for example; for rejuvenation we would use needle depth of 0.25 (eyes) - 0.5 (face).

For pitted scars and deeper lines we can potentially go up to 1.5mm.


The Theory:  The principle behind Dermapen is very simple.  The needles create micro-trauma in the epidermis which triggers a natural wound healing action.  Red and white blood cells flood the area to remove damaged cells followed by a surge of new cross linked collagen to fill the channels created by the needles.  This process leads to plumper, tighter and retexturised skin.

It has been proven that collagen induction is achieved just as well at 0.5mm as it is with longer needle legth.  It is therefore unnecessary to go deeper than 0.5mm for facial treatment. In the case of acne scarring a longer needle length may be necessary to achieve optimal results.


It is widely thought that the Dermapen™ is better that the Dermaroller because of the angles of penetration and retraction.  The roller creates drag on the needles as they come out fo the skin as a result of the shape of the roller.  The needles on the Dermapen move up and down in a stamping motion which give clean insicions.


What to expect after treatment.

Skin will look and feel sunburnt for anything between a few hours and 48 hours.  Redness, tightness, heat and possible flaking are all normal reactions to Dermapen treatment. 

£120 per treatment

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