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What is Corneotherapy?

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Corneobiology is the study of the Epidermis. It is a relatively new science (c.1960) and through it, new discoveries have been made about how the skin functions on a cellular level and how best to support these functions to achieve stronger healthier skin. The method used when treating the skin based on the research and findings of Corneobiologists is called Corneotherapy.

As you can see from the diagram above the corneocytes (skin cells) change as they move up to the surface. As the cells move up, what lies inside the cells gets pushed out into the intracellular spaces to provide a ‘mortar’ like substance which consists mostly of lipids, fatty acids and ceramides. These lipid layers are what give the skin its protection, a bit like the waterproofing on a rain jacket. The outermost layer is the Acid Mantle which is the final coating on the surface of the skin, made from skin secretions, which is our first line of defence (not shown on this diagram).

Our skin, like all the organs in our body, is extremely clever and has adapted over millennia to keep everything underneath it protected from microbial infections, damage from UV and excessive water loss. It also helps provide us with Vitamin D, forms part of our immune defence system, regulates our temperature and is an excretory organ.

Corneotherapy is the method of practical applications and specially formulated products that support the skin barrier. It works with the skin and it's natural processes, not against it.

Corneotherapy is particularly good for alleviating inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, acne, dermatitis, psoriasis. Using well formulated products with skin-similar ingredients will SEAL the skin first to prevent the cycle of inflammatory response and when the skin is ready we use ACTIVES to HEAL the skin, to strengthen it against further inflammation. Many of these inflammatory skin conditions are systemic and cannot be cured but using the right products can have a huge impact on reducing symptoms and controlling future flare-ups.

What is good for these conditions is good for all skins! Don’t we all want stronger, healthier more resilient skin?

Get the skin working properly and everything else falls into place.

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