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Lets Talk About Facial Hair.

Can I start by saying; facial hair is do much more common than you think. If you suffer with it YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Many of my electrolysis clients first come in feeling embarrassed, worried about it getting worse and confused about how to get rid of it . Electrolysis is the ONLY permanent method of hair removal and is especially good for facial hair because of the hormonal element that drives the growth of hair on the face. There are certain cases where lasers can be a great help, where the hair is strong, dark and widespread, but I see many people for whom lasers have worked up to a point and then electrolysis becomes their final solution. As the hair thins from laser treatment, subsequent laser sessions become less and less effective because thinner hairs can't absorb enough energy from the laser to cause damage to the hair follicle.

In most people I see the hair they have on their face is generally confined to the chin area and the corners of the upper lip, (often hair is of varying thickness, some strong and others finer) and in these cases I would strongly recommend electrolysis as your first choice for treatment. If you are plucking, waxing, epilating or shaving the hairs on your face they are almost certainly going to worsen over time so if you are in this situation please get in contact for a consultation and test patch to see if electrolysis is the solution for your facial hair. Oh, and a final word of warning....please, please, if you have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) DO NOT have Dermaplaning!!! I am very worried about this new trend that has started for what is essentially facial shaving so my advice is to avoid it! It is totally normal to have fine downy hairs on your face, some people have more than others but it's still normal! :o

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