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Heated Herbal Poultice & Gua Sha

This is the ultimate in relaxation.

This treatment is rooted in Eastern Medicine and aims to restore balance and skin health.  In Chinese medicine, blood, lymph and other cellular fluids are all one - Chi - our life force and the energy that flows through you.


A heated poultice containing anti-inflammatory herbs is rolled across your skin to deeply relax muscles and stimulate the movement of Chi (blood and lymphatic fluids) 

The Gua Sha stones then aid in removing stagnation and allowing for enhanced flow of blood and lymph restoring the skin with a new life force which helps enhance healthy skin function giving an inner glow and improving tone and skin brightness.


You will LOVE this - and probably fall asleep! ;)

60min £100

75min £120 (75min incl. back massage)



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