Facial Thread Veins

Talengectasia & Spider Veins

Using the same technology as electrolysis hair removal, treatment of thread veins and spider veins is achieved using a high frequency, low voltage current which creates heat (thermolysis) to cauterise superficial veins on the face.  Depending on the number of veins to be treated multiple sessions may be required.

Thread veins have several causes such as UV damage, ageing, harsh weather exposure, pregnancy, hormone fluctuation, physical trauma, hereditary reasons and more.


Following treatment there may be some superficial crusting and veins may appear darker until the area is fully healed.

Care must be taken with the skin during the healing process:

- no sun exposure

- no heat treatments

- no rubbing or picking

Consultation and patch test £30

15 minute treatment £50

30 minute treatment £100

Aftercare product is supplied and included in price.