Microcurrent Non-Surgical Face Lifting

Microcurrent mimics our bodies own bioelectric currents to:

- increase ATP (cell energy)

- accelerate healing 

- tone muscles

You may have heard of CACI - which is a brand of microcurrent, like Hoover is to vacuum cleaners! 

There are many microcurrent devices on the market and after thorough research I chose the A-lift device which gives excellent results.

Microcurrent refers to the tiny frequencies of the electrical current which are generally not felt on the skin, nor does is create muscle contractions.  This is an extremely relaxing treatment.

I use the GTO (Golgi Tendon Organ) technique in my treatment which is proven to be the most effective way of toning the facial muscles. This technique specifically targets the tendons of the muscles - not working on the belly of the muscle like most therapists are taught.

Microcurrent is accumulative so to achieve visible results it is recommended to have a course of 8-10 treatments

ideally 2 treatments per week.

Choose from the following options:

30 minutes express lift 

(GTO Lift - Microcurrent only)


50 minutes lift and regenerate

(GTO Lift Microcurrent & LED Light Therapy)



(GTO Lift Microcurrent, LED Light Therapy & Lymphatic Massage)