Electrolysis is a method of permanent hair removal which was invented in 1875 and has proven to be a very safe and effective treatment for excess hair when it is applied by a qualified professional. Primarily treatment is with thermolysis which creates heat to destroy the blood capillary bundle that feeds the hair which initially damages and ultimately destroys the hair growth.  It is especially good for small areas on the face such as chin, lip, eyebrows etc or sporadic growth on the body such as nipples and navel.

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Advanced Electrolysis

Advanced Electrolysis uses the same technology used in hair removal but applied in different ways to treat thread veins (talengectasia), spider veins, skin tags, blood spots (Campbell de Morgan spots) and milia.  Treatment is safe and gentle and usually very effective.  With the NHS unable to provide a solution to these kind of skin blemishes Advanced Electrolysis is the perfect solution to achieving blemish free skin.  Because of the gentle approach to removing these blemishes the chances of scarring are minimal.

A thorough consultation is required before undergoing any treatment.

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